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Reliable Prosthetics and Orthotics was founded in 2006 to establish a patient oriented approach to orthotic and prosthetic care. Our goal is to provide the most advanced, appropriate prescription orthotic and prosthetic devices by incorporating our own In-House Custom Orthotic and Prosthetic Fabrication Lab.  We have the capabilities to evaluate, cast, measure, refurbish, manufacture, and custom fit off-the-shelf, custom orthopedic and prosthetic devices. 

Our American Board of Certification (ABC) and Board of Certification (BOC) certified clinicians have a combination of  over 90 years of experience and are dedicated to providing superior and quality care to each and every patient. 

We are also proud members of the American Orthotic Prosthetic Association (AOPA) and are dedicated to providing our patients with quality orthotic and prosthetic care.  

At Reliable Prosthetics and Orthotics, our mission is simple; provide comfort and reduce pain levels.  If you are unhappy with your Custom Device, and with insurance approval, we can replace it. Whether you’re coming in for a regular checkup, an urgent treatment, or you just need an adjustment; our dedicated team of health practitioners have the skills and resources to take care of your needs.


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